Restore Washington FAQ’s

1) Why aren’t all posts accepted?

Restore is an action group unlike any that has come before it. We aren’t a blog or a chat room. We aren’t here to throw insults or be keyboard warriors (phone and e mail warriors are much more effective). We can’t fix everything, but we can get to the core root of the problems. With your help we can make a difference. So, to keep the page on track, we only accept posts which provide relevant information to our project(s) at hand. The main page is for information; zone pages are for instructions and updates relative to that district. No candidate postings are allowed. Our mission is to be totally focused on the task(s) at hand. There are many other places to talk politics and many other groups doing good work. We intend to stay in our lane as much as possible.

2) Comments?

Comments are welcome in the zones as long as they contain clean language, do not violate Facebook’s policies, and follow our guidelines for comments. No candidate postings please. We have been flexible but will need to tighten this up as we reach operation status.

3) Why zones?

We learned early on it is nearly impossible to manage a full statewide drive on one platform. The zones are set up to be subgroups with zone coordinators and area leaders (more on this next week). Each group acts as an individual team to accomplish its own goals. This also allows us to quickly target local issues in the longer term. Teams are nearly equal in population and know their areas better than we can from a central point.

4) How can we ever beat King County in an election?

We already did! Twice. Once with $30 tabs and again with stopping R-88 (affirmative action). That was even with a lousy overall voter turnout. We can crush them with a good turnout, and that is also in the plan. The tide is turning in our favor, and we are going to ride that wave.

5) Wont it just get overturned?

Not if it’s done correctly. Single subject constitutional initiatives without gimmicks are rarely, if ever, overturned. Poorly written ones of the past are 9 for 9 being overturned over the past 10 years. Let’s get past all that and begin a new chapter. Let’s do it right!

6) Fundraising?

No one hates asking for contributions more than we do. We wish it wasn’t necessary, but that’s not realistic. The best we can do is keep it to a minimum with specific goals for specific projects. If we don’t make those goals, we don’t launch the project. Remember, we will only use this money as needed for postage, printing, and most importantly great attorneys to make sure our hard work pays sticks.

That’s it for now. More is to come. 1000’s of hours and a lot of planning have gone into this so far. We have the best people on the team and know we can be successful if we just stick to the plan. We are glad you are with us. Bring your friends. Numbers count. We have the three major ingredients for our success: a sound plan, credibility, tenacity. It’s easy to feel disillusioned in this age of politics. We are here to RESTORE your faith. The system still works, but only if you participate.

Thank you for your participation.