Our Team


Mike McKee


Mike was born and raised in Wenatchee. Mike often says that he works for the government by owning a small retail business. Frustrated by the ever-increasing government overreach, he and Cary started Restore Washington.

Cary Condotta

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Cary Condotta represented the 12th legislative district for 16 years”. Cary was co-chair of the house campaign committee for 12 yearsl. He has written, sponsored or co-sponsored 100s of pieces of legislation. He is currently employed by NCWlife TV, where he writes, produces, sells advertising and hosts “The 12th District” TV show. He is originally from Seattle but has lived in Wenatchee  for 25 years.


Shelley Sieverkropp

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Shelley has spent her entire life in eastern Washington, and has been involved in many small businesses from her childhood through today, growing up on a small farm and owning a restaurant while in high school.  She worked with small businesses for nearly 25 years as a bookkeeper and has seen what government regulation and taxation does as she watched them crumble under the weight. She continues with her involvement with small business as a professional longarm quilter, and helping as needed on her husband’s wheat/cattle farm in eastern Washington