Our Mission and Current Projects

 Coming soon:

The Project to Restore Washington

A Pathway to a Better Majority

(and Immediate Change)

This will be HUUUGE!

Mission The mission is to create a large organized network of folks to keep Olympia in check through the initiative and referendum process – “Legislation by the People, for the People” Goals - Growth Grow each Zone to 10000 + members. Each Zone recruit prime businesses locations to act as the signature, pick up / drop off locations. Each Zone collects 40,000 signatures for initiatives in 90 -120 days. Fundraise to cover legal costs, promotion, printing and postage for each new initiative.

Restore Washington Top Priorities for 2022

  1.  Build Signature teams and prime locations
  2.  Governor's  Powers
  3.  Sales Tax Reduction
  4.  Republican Majorities in the House and Senate 

Restore Washington Top Priorities Spring 2023

  1. Stop Capital Gains if the Douglas County Judge's ruling is overturned by The Supreme Court
  2. Revisit repealing the Long Term Tax