I-1114 The 14 day Emergency Powers Act !

Breaking news: Initiative 1114 is officially launched by the 65,000 members of Restore Washington!

For months now, through constant COVID-19 Emergency Proclamations, Governor Inslee has abused the powers We the People gave him in the existing Emergency Powers Act. He has refused to revoke Proclamations once the emergency it was based on has passed. He has changed the goals of his Proclamations, ensuring they can continue indefinitely. He has favored his preferred businesses over those he dislikes through his definitions of essential business. He has refused to call the Legislature into session so that all representatives have a voice in the state’s emergency response. He has hired thousands of new state inspectors, and sent them to harass businesses, and fine them out of existence. He has forbidden church worship. He has forbidden protest against his Proclamations, yet he has allowed and encouraged other protest. In all this, he has acted arbitrarily, and brooked no advice or dissent. Government by executive Proclamation is contrary to American values.   We must Restore the Balance of Power to We the People. We therefore introduce I-1114. I-1114 limits emergency Proclamations issued by the Governor to no longer than 14 days unless extended by a vote of the Legislature. The Legislature may not extend a proclamation through mere letters from leadership, but must vote. No individual extension may exceed fourteen days. The Legislature may pass subsequent resolutions of extension, so that the whole of government must concur in the ongoing existence of an emergency Proclamation.   Violation of emergency orders would be reduced to a misdemeanor from a gross misdemeanor.   Remember if you donated 25 dollars or more to I 1114 you will get petitions as part of your thank you package. If you ordered and received I 1700 petitions you will also be receiving petitions at no charge.   I-1114 petitions (both printed and PDF file downloads) are available at www.I-1114petitions.com To submit a business signing location, please visit http://restorewashington.org/add-a-business-signing-location/ we will add the location to our map. Please make sure petitions are available prior to submission. Questions: email us at i1114@restorewashington.org