Part 3

View this email in your browserRestore Washington NewsletterMay 22,2022Good day Restorables,

     As previously announced the Project to Restore Washington has two major goals Job 1, help establish a new majority in the State legislature and 2, give them some veto proof tools to work with.

     Part 2 involves qualifying several veto proof initiatives to the legislature that can be immediately turned into law without going to the ballot.

     In choosing these initiatives we consulted with several groups. First, the house and senate leaders. Without their support and the caucus votes these will not be approved. So, every initiative we run will have a good chance of passage without going to the ballot. This makes our project totally unique. But we need to get those signatures first.

     So, we looked at the hottest issues and we ask all of you. We had a great deal of feedback and when the dust settled it was very clear where the priorities were.

     So, here we go. Your top priority was reigning in the governor’s emergency powers.

     The first initiative does exactly that. It is similar to the original we ran. Without going into detail, it solves this issue in several ways and requires a 30-day review by the legislature.

     Number 2 is actually getting more important daily. Crime is soaring across Washington after the so-called police reforms passed by the legislature hamstrung our police from doing their job. While a few changes were made this session to improve the situation the top priority did not pass. It’s a bill that lets police actually pursue the bad guys. Hard to believe we need to fix this, but it will go a long way to slow the crime wave we are experiencing.

     Number 3 is another favorite with a different approach. Housing has become unaffordable for many, and high property taxes aren’t helping. We intend to remove the first 250,000 dollars on each and every property from the state property tax calculation. So, if your house is worth 500,000 your state property tax will only be levied on 250,000. This approach makes a substantial difference to those at the entry level and helps all property owners in the process. Hat tip to Senate leader John Braun who helped put this together for us.

     Next up, another tax cut to help everyone pay for these higher prices. The state has experienced phenomenal revenue growth but unlike nearly every other state spent it all. Others have already cut taxes but not Washington. Based on inflation and population growth our budget should be around 50 billion dollars. It’s now 64 billion with more to come. This initiative reduces the STATE sales tax by 1%  across the board. It does not change your local government rates so no local impact on services you depend on. This is actually a democrat sponsored bill from the last session that should have been passed. That didn’t happen, but we can change that.

     Now before we move to 5 we want to step back for a minute and tell you why we have kept these under wraps. We filed a lot of initiatives to keep opponents at bay. It costs money to challenge a ballot title and to defend it. We managed to get all of these past challenge with one exception. Our capital gains/ income tax repeal bill was challenged on the last day it could be. So now we have a dilemma. We can challenge this title and keep the initiative in the mix or move to another subject matter and circle back later. We believe this one is important because Jay Inslee will never sign a repeal even if we achieve a majority.

     An appeal can cost between 5 and 15 thousand dollars. That’s money we need to print and distribute our project package in general.

      We will have to make that decision soon and need to raise the money fast. We have exhausted all current resources for our first printing so your donations now could help determine the decision.Please go to the website and help us finish defending this very important part of our project.     Response to the project has been extremely positive. It’s comprehensive and well designed to succeed. Remember, if we are successful in our efforts these five initiatives can become law without ever going to a vote. They cannot be vetoed by the governor once approved by the legislature. This can and will happen with your support. We will give you everything needed to Restore Washington but it’s up to you to make it happen. Thank you for your patience. The first printing is on its way.

     Last but not least, if you have been a previous signing location and wish to be a project distributor please sign up at the website. We will be developing a new map soon.


We can’t do this without you! Please donate today! 

Cary, Mike and Shelley  
Restore Washington