Part 2

View this email in your browserRestore Washington NewsletterMay 15, 2022Good day Restorables,

     The Project to Restore Washington is nearly complete. This is the most comprehensive package of reform ever offered to voters in Washington State.

     It is a product both house and senate leaders can support. The state Republican Party leaders have also agreed to help with this project. The reason is, it is well thought out and has been developed with their input and consideration. In other words, this is the first truly collaborative effort in many years.

     There are two parts to this project. Elections and initiatives.
Last week we discussed part one which has to do with elections. Ultimately the only way to change course in this state and bring back some level of sanity is to change the majority. As we said last week extensive polling and research shows there is now a path to get there.

     Part 1 will provide you a roadmap to that path forward. In other words, a pathway to a new majority.

     Part 2 is designed to give that majority the tools to actually make some immediate changes in policy. The big question here is when we get a new majority how can they move past Jay Inslee who will still retain veto power for the next two years?      That is the magic of part 2!
     The only legislation that cannot be vetoed is an initiative to the legislature. Any qualified initiative that receives the required signatures must get a hearing. At that point it will either be approved as law or will be moved to the ballot. Several groups have identified this fact and will be moving to qualify initiatives.

     The difference with our approach is we are only providing initiatives (yes, more than one) that have already been discussed with caucus leaders and have a very likely chance of immediate passage. That will put them into law without ever going to the ballot. The other very important distinction is they are all single subject legislative bills that have been vetted by the legislature itself. Two of them come from democrat sponsors.

     These two points are critical because these initiatives have a much better chance of passage and are unlikely to be challenged like experimental initiatives that are written outside the legislature without the proper vetting.

     Restore Washington from day one has stated that we won’t waste your time or your money. There are way too many outfits that will. We aren’t in it for the money like previous promoters and we only use legislation that will stand up to challenge.

     This package has taken months to complete. We filed over twenty initiatives to make sure we had the tools to provide this new majority with what they wanted and would approve. We also listened to you and chose initiatives that had the highest level of support. Without your signatures these issues will not be resolved.

     There is another thing we are doing to make it easy for all of you to participate and contribute. For the first time ever, these initiatives will be provided in ONE folder, on ONE sheet of paper. You simply unfold it, sign all of the initiatives provided, then find 19 more people to do the same. When complete, fold it back up and return it in the pre addressed envelope provided.

     Once again no one has provided all this in one complete package. A pathway to the majority and numerous pre-approved, veto proof initiatives on a single page with a return envelope.

     As we stated last week, the printing and distribution cost is substantial. Many if you contributed and we thank you.
We are still a bit short of the amount needed for the first printing so please consider a donation if you have not done so. We sincerely believe once this product is on the street we will be able to raise all the funds needed to continue printing and distribution. Until then any help is appreciated. Remember, every penny will be spent on printing and distribution.

     It is no longer efficient or effective to run one initiative at a time. Those days are over.  It is no longer acceptable to let the current majority continue to run Washington into the ground financially and socially. It is no longer acceptable to see taxes keep going up while government performance declines. It is no longer acceptable to watch thousands of friends and neighbors have to pack up and leave.

     We can change all of this with two things, ELECTIONS AND INITIATIVES. There has never been a better shot at the majority since 1994. For those that don’t remember, it was complete devastation for the ruling majorities. The Washington State house and senate completely reversed course as republicans won everything in sight and had huge new majorities overnight.

Clyde Ballard became speaker of the house. We recently asked Clyde an interesting question.“We’re things this bad in 1994?”The answer, “not even close”.     That should clearly explain why this is the time, and this is project,  that can Restore Washington. Winning elections and providing veto proof legislation is the answer and we have it all in one tidy well designed package. Now all we need is 40,000 plus  people that will take the time to make it happen. With nearly 8 million people in Washington this should be a slam dunk. We will provide everything you need to be successful playing your part in the restoration of this magnificent state.

     Next week we will let you in on which initiatives have been approved to go directly to the legislature where they have a very good chance of being approved without ever going to the ballot. That’s what sets this project apart from the others and we think you will like the issues chosen. Yes, we will deal with governor’s powers. Yes, we will deal with tax reductions that you all deserve. Yes we will deal with tools to slow the crime wave. Yes, there is even more. All in one tidy package.

     So, we have much to do before distribution begins in early June. Another way to help is to invite your friends to our Facebook page and join a zone team if you haven’t done so already. All the information is available at our website.

     Last but not least, thank you for your continued support and attention these last three years. We have learned a lot in the process and have put it all together for this project. Soon it will be in your hands. We can provide everything you need but, in the end only you can Restore Washington. 
We can’t do this without you! Please donate today! 

Cary, Mike and Shelley  
Restore Washington