Part 1

View this email in your browserRestore Washington NewsletterMay 6, 2022Good morning Restorables!

       It is time to unveil part one of The Restore Washington Project.
We have said for several years now that the two best ways to change things in Washington are elections and initiatives. So, we decided to combine the two into one package and create a unique product that everyone can use. We are very excited about the final product which should be ready for full distribution around the 1st part of June.

         What looks like a basic folder contains some very valuable tools. As we stated previously there are essentially two parts to the project that actually harmonize in the end to create a major change in direction for our state government.

       First elections. For the first time in many years republicans have a chance to change the balance of power in the legislature. Numerous polls and focus groups have shown a substantial shift toward Republican candidates in many so called “ swing” districts. This can be explained by the epic failure of the current majority party in everything from public education to the massive increase in crime throughout the state. People have had enough of these failed policies and are looking for change.

        The last time the indicators were this strong was clear back on 1994 when republicans took over many states including Washington. Here’s the interesting part. Things weren’t nearly as bad then as they are now. Not even close. So for all practical purposes this is the best opportunity for real change in over 25 years.

          To facilitate this change the left side of our folder will contain the names, districts, and campaign information  of the challenge candidates from both the house and the senate that stand the best chance of winning. There will be at least 10 from the house and 5 from the senate. We will be asking all of you to adopt one or more of these challenge candidates and help them across the finish line. There are many ways to help which will be described in the folder itself. These candidates may be far from your district or perhaps In your district but they all need statewide support to win.

         It is also important to keep what we have so if you have a state  Republican incumbent in your district , re-electing them should be a top priority. Our focus will be on the challenge candidates because getting a majority in the house and senate is job one and part one of this project.

       Part two is the most innovative and unique approach to legislation yet. Many of you probably realized that even with a majority we a still stuck with Jay Inslee for two more years.

The good news is the new majority won’t send him any more garbage bills. The bad news is he can still veto the good  ones they do send him. 

    In part two we solve that problem as well. Stay tuned next week for the amazing details of this very exciting project.

       Now, before we go, we have to do something we try to a avoid but must confront. We have the product to change things up. But printing and distribution costs are soaring. We need your help to get the initial set of these products produced and distributed. We sincerely believe when people see this product there will be plenty of support to maximize its use and distribution. But in order to make our first of June deadline we need your support now. Any and every dollar will go directly to printing and distribution. We won’t waste a dime on anything else.

       This is the most ambitious political grass roots project in years. It will work if we all engage in this process. We know when you see the complete project you will share our enthusiasm.
      Thank you for being patient.

This is a massive undertaking and we are very close to getting it done. When you see part two you will understand how and why this came together.

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